Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Key Leader

We are glad you're here!

The Kiwanis District of Wisconsin - Upper Michigan has been hosting the Key Leader event from the beginning! Over 1,200 high school students have gone through this program over the years. Before Covid-19 of course. 

We are ready to get back on track this coming September!

Key Leader is an experiential workshop that begins on Friday, after school and completes with a graduation ceremony on Sunday morning. The weekend's material is shared by a Kiwanis certified Lead Facilitator with assistance from volunteer Student Facilitators.  

Our For "you" menu has arranged the websites articles to help YOU find your way whether you are an attendee, a parent or guardian, a school advisor, a sponsor or a donor.  

If you're ready to join us for the weekend, we ask you to register using the registration menu. 

Take a momemt to watch our short slide deck of photos of Key Leader activities. Thank you for stopping to visit!