Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Key Leader

Everyone wishing to attend the WI-UM Key Leader Event should use this link!

Please review the information in the tabs below BEFORE you begin the process

General Information
  • Everyone must register, students and adults alike, whether you are a participant, guest, or event staff.
  • There are links to documents of interest that you can download and review before you register. You will find them under Attachments. ==>
  • if you have questions, you should contact the Key Leader Coordinator before you get started
  • We do not take credit cards at this time. You will be emailed an invoice with instructions on how to remit funds
  • If you have a coupon code, you will be able to enter it at the bottom of the form.
Register as an Individual IF...
  • You are are a group of 1 person!
  • You will be paying for the event yourself OR
  • You will be responsible sending the invoice you to the person responsible for paying the fee.
  • Reminders sent by the registration system should go to you.
Register as a Group IF...
  • you are a Key Club advisor or a Kiwanis Club who will be paying the bill OR
  • if you are a student is registering yourself but is being paid for by someone else. YOU WILL NEED THE NAME & CONTACT INFORMATION OF THE PERSON WHO WILL RECEIVE THE INVOICE before you register
  • There is a limit to the number of students which can be registered as a group--no more than four students to a group! It's OK to register more than one group!
What YOU Need to Know!

You will need the following information:  

  • contact information for the student participant, including phone, email and USPS address;
  • contact information for the sponsor (if appropriate);
  • information on which Kiwanis Club is sponsoring you (if appropriate);
  • your coupon code (if your Kiwanis Club Sponsor gave you one); and
  • most important, your emergency contact (phone number, name, relationship).

In addition, we're going to ask you a few more questions, like are you a Key Clubber or a Builders Clubber, what size of t-shirt you want, and what, if any, types of food you shouldn't be eating.

 OK? Got all that?  Well, click the button and let's get going!