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Registration fees are $250 per student.

Your Kiwanis Club sponsor should be asked to contribute to the cost of attending WIUM Key Leader. Some clubs will make a deal, others will cover the entire cost.

Since Key Leader is a leadership workshop, just like DCON, Key Clubs are allowed to fund-raise for this event.

We have found that student participants don’t always know who is paying the registration fee.

When your students register, use the Sponsor area of the registration form to enter the name and contact of the person who will be covering the cost of the event.

The Key Leader Coordinator is encouraging Sponsors to use a coupon code priced to cover their portion of the registration fees, whether that’s 100% or another amount.

Coupon codes help the Coordinator to track the payments. We also use them to notify (automatically) the purchaser of the coupon code when it has been redeemed.

A successful registration results in a message to the person who filled in the registration form, often the student, with a copy of the invoice attached. You can help by making sure a copy of the invoice goes to the sponsor.

Early registrations should have the registration fee settled ASAP. Later registrations, made between school starting and the actual event, should be brought to the event. Checks are best, we have no capacity to accept credit or debit cards.