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In WIUM, Key Leader takes place in Wisconsin Dells at Camp Wawbeek beginning on the second weekend after Labor Day.

School has just started. Because our event is so close to the beginning of the school year, invitations to participate in this event need to go out to students in Spring. And probably a reminder or two over the summer wouldn’t hurt!

Do students really have to be there at 4pm? Student Facilitators meet at 2pm with the Lead Facilitator. They plan out how Student Participants will be greeted, what activities will take place, and which Student Facilitator is responsible for which activity. Student Participants really do start arriving at 4pm. Dinner is served at 6pm. The workshop starts at 7pm. By the time the workshop starts, all students should have checked in at registration, stored their gear in their bunk, and have eaten. So the answer is no, students don’t have to be there at 4pm, but they should make every effort to be there by 5:30pm! Late arrivals should let us know! We worry!

No, students cannot skip Friday night.

Students may need a note from the event chair, or the sponsor, for the school to approve releasing the student from all or part of the Friday school day. We can provide that for you!