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Packing List

Hey, what do I need to bring to a Key Leader weekend?


  • A sense of adventure, and a smile of course


You will not be sleeping on the ground! We have camp beds!

  • Sleeping Bag or blankets
  • Pillow 


  • Closed-toe shoes, sneakers or tennis shoes; Flip-flops for showers ONLY
  • Jeans or comfortable pants, and shorts if the weather is nice
  • Tee shirts or long sleeved tees depending on time of year and location
  • Sweatshirts or a light jacket, we will be spending time outdoors
  • Clothes to sleep in, appropriate pajamas or sweats please
  • Raingear if the forecast predicts dark skies


  • Flashlight, if you have one
  • Maybe some "Bug Juice" to ward off biting insects.

Bath Supplies!

  • Toiletries (toothbrush and toothpaste are not optional)
  • A towel, a beach towel or an old towel will do for a camp shower
  • Anti-itch lotion in case we have another Mosquito Cloud descend upon us.

Event Forms and Medicines

  • A small picture of yourself to attach to your Key Leader mailbox on  Friday evening.
  • Community Values (parent/legal guardian and participant  signature)
  • Medical Form (parent/legal guardian and participant signature)
  • Medication that you need for the weekend (please list on Medical  form)
  • Ropes Release form which is a part of the Medical Form which requires a separate signature.
  • Covid-19 Release form.