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During the party, the police are called and some students are identified as drinking underage.  The question that arises is should you turn in a couple of your friends that were drinking but were able to sneak out without getting in trouble, or should you stay quiet so they can play in the big game next week?  Interestingly, there are conflicting viewpoints on this from the students initially.  However, after going over the situation in more depth, typically the consensus is that they should do the right thing.

When it comes to ethics what should you do if someone loses a prized ring or forgets an item they purchased at the store.  Do you return the item or stop them before they drive off?  How about if you are at work and the person working the front counter is taking money from the register rather than giving change back to customers?  Hopefully these would not be regular occurrences, but the key objective is to speak up and prevent a bad situation from getting worse.  Tell the co-worker to return the money back so they don’t lose their job or talking to the manager of the restaurant as soon as you can about the situation.  The bottom line is you should aim everyday to be honest and trustworthy.  It can only take one very bad decision to wipe away all the good that one does in a career or part of their life.