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Funding for the weekend should cover the cost of registration, transportation fees, and, if the drive is long enough, lunch on the way home at the end of the weekend.

Consider a two-way split on the cost of the weekend, with the student paying part and the Kiwanis Club sponsor paying part. You decide the split. If the student is a member of a Key Club you might want to consider a three-way split!

Keep in mind that this weekend is a Leadership Workshop. The student is allowed to fund-raise for the cost of the trip.


Make sure the student is able to obtain transportation to and from the Key Leader site.  In many instances, the student will be able to arrange to have parents or family members drive them to and from the Key Leader location. 

If there are a good number of students attending from an area, a bus or van may be able to be chartered.  If this is an option, be sure to check with the Key Leader Chairperson to learn of how many students may be able to take advantage of this means of transport, along with any other additional information.

Please be aware that, if there are more than a few students coming from the same high school, the high school may consider this event a "school event." If this turns out to be the case, the school will impose additional transportation and chaperone rules on the event. 

Camping Supplies

The students are going to Camp Wawbeek. They must bring their own bedding (or sleeping bag), their own pillows, and their own towels. A flashlight is also a very good item to bring!