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Where can you find a deserving young person to send to Key Leader? They are all around you. Just take a minute and connect with your community. Develop relationships with the following places to find youth who need to experience Kiwanis' life-changing Key Leader program. 

  • Boys and Girls Clubs' Youth of the Month winners.
  • Community centers and after-school programs.
  • Your place of business. Ask interns or young employees to recommend and emerging leader.
  • Parent-teacher associations and booster clubs.
  • Look to schools without Key Clubs. You may help inspire them to start a Key Club in the future. 
  • Recommendations from school counselors.
  • School clubs, student government or sports teams. 
  • Religious youth groups. 
  • Home-school associations. 
  • Your very own neighborhood. 
  • Your own children/grandchildren


  • Search the internet. Entering terms such as "youth organizations," "youth programs," or "community centers" followed by your city or state will give you a good idea of what is in your area. In most cases, this will also give you information about how to contact the organization. 
  • Find a youth commission in your city or county. Many of these organizations have extensive listings of local youth programs.

Once you have connected with a student to send to Key Leader, get them registered!