Personal Growth

  • Key Leader is a weekend when students learn to step out of their comfort zone.  There have been many attendees over the years that have shown up the first day reserved and unsure how to interact with their peers.  Over the course of the next couple of days, those same students step up to lead a group activity, volunteer to be first on the low ropes course, and are ready to jump in with an answer to a discussion topic. 

  • Key Leader!  What can they teach me about leadership or, more importantly, what can I learn about leadership?

    The first time I walked onto Key Leader I had just experienced my greatest struggles as a leader. Let me explain with a little background information.   

    I had been in charge of a Day Camp where I had spent two previous summers working.  I had 5 staff and around 20 campers who were counting on my leadership ability.  Looking back, I realize the hubris in my thinking at 20 years old, assuming I had nothing more to learn about leadership. Over the course of that summer

  • My favorite part of the Key Leader Experience is the first night when you get to know your fellow campers.  Once you have your nametag, you place 4 objects about you on your nametag, find a partner, and discuss what you wrote.  Getting to hear their experience and then sharing your experiences.  Part of being a leader is being vulnerable.  One of the best ways to do that is to be transparent and to let others in.  Leading is not always taking charge, it is letting others voice their opinions to you and taking that to a larger level.