Pursuit of Excellence

  • If you don’t set SMART goals, or think outside of the box, or for that matter challenge yourself to be a better person, will you achieve excellence?  Just think of all the great ideas, technological advances, and even such things as the iPhone or iPad that revolutionized how we do things.  Whether they were developed by one person, or by an entire group of people, in order to make them a reality, it took a lot of work, testing, and even more development after becoming a popular means of communicating. 

  • I have been a camp administrator for over 40 years and have been through a number of student leadership sessions over the years. I find the Key Leader program is the best I have seen. I like that the lead facilitator is an out of state person that has been highly trained and is a good motivator.  This helps keep them focused on the value of the experience.  It has a defined program content but each leader can get there in their own way. They are very much professionals and not just someone who volunteered out of the crowd.