• When it comes to respect, you can follow the lyrics from Aretha Frankin’s song by the same name, listen to your mom when she says to “respect your elders”, or maybe that teacher who taught you to respect the opinions of others.  Either way, respect can be a huge stepping stone to how you interact with your friends, family, or co-workers.  Will you be able to accomplish a task at work without the help of others?  Can you pull off organizing the next family reunion without some insightful thoughts from your grandfather or aunt? 

  • My initial thought of Key Leader throughout my 4 years of Key Club and my 5 years of Circle K, was why do I need to go to camp and became a leader? My feelings were, I'm already a leader. I have had over 4 club leadership positions, 2 district leadership positions throughout Wisconsin Upper Michigan Kiwanis Family, and an international position with Circle K International. There was no question in my eyes, that I was not a leader. I then glanced at the quote that I had at the bottom of my signature page of my email