• One of the "traditions" we have at our Key Leader event is this: we like giving the participants a little welcome gift when they arrive.

    This gift has been useful like the year we gave a small coffee mug, annoying like the year they got noise makers (of course the participants liked them!), and tasty like the year we gave them a little bit of chocolate. 

    If you have "stuff" you might like to donate, please keep these notes in mind:

    • we will generally need 75 of them
    • we will need them by the first of September
    • they will need to be transported to Camp Wawbeek somehow.

    Contact the Coordinator if you've got something!

  • Key Leader makes a huge impact on the students who attend. Unfortunately, the cost of the program can be a challenging obstacle to overcome. That's where grant makers have the biggest impact. Their participation helps us lower the cost of the program to a level that makes it much more affordable to both students and Kiwanis Clubs. That means we can attract a more diverse group of participants for each event.

    Grants are used to cover the cost of the program materials, publicity expenses, and the extras that make our event work (snacks, badges, supplies, for example). 

    Grant Makers will be acknowledged on our publicity materials and our website.

    If you are interested in making a grant, please Contact the Coordinator!

  • Individuals and Kiwanis Clubs are in a great position to sponsor students from their community to attend our event (or any other Key Leader event for that matter!). Sponsorship can take the form of sending a student you already know, searching for a student in your community to send OR by making a donation to the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Kiwanis District Foundation (WI-UM KDF). 

    This article is for individuals and clubs who are interested in pitching in with the event's expenses. If you already know who you are sending, please explore the What Sponsors Should Know pages. 

    You Don't Have a Student, but You Want to Donate!

    First, #YouRock!

    Second, our recommendation is that you make a tax-deductible donation to the WI-UM KDF. Direct the donation to Key Leader. We'll add your donation to the rest of the funding we receive from WI-UM KDF and use it to reduce the registration fee for all students.