Sponsoring a Participant

How do you convince a student to give up a football game and spend the weekend exploring what it takes to be a leader? What do you do once they've agreed? How do you know it was worth it?

We've got some suggestions and some answers in the articles on this page.

There is a place on the registration form to identify the student's sponsor. That should be you!

Sponsor Registration Fields

Your student will need the following information from you:

  1. Your name, first and last
  2. Your Kiwanis Club's name
  3. Your email
  4. Your phone number

What We Do with this Information

Beginning with the 2018 event, we will be sharing the results of the event with you: whether or not the student(s) you supported completed the weekend. The second use will be to keep you informed on the Key Leader program as we go forward.

Once a student or number of students have been identified as great candidates to attend Key Leader, it’s time to determine how to best assist with funding to sponsor them for this leadership building weekend.  The types of support you might be asked for include: driving them to, and from, camp; helping them with the registration fee;  or even assisting them with supplies. 

Where can you find a deserving young person to send to Key Leader? They are all around you. Just take a minute and connect with your community. Develop relationships with the following places to find youth who need to experience Kiwanis' life-changing Key Leader program.