Frequently Asked Question



   Welcome and introductions of facilitators

   Lead Facilitator explains what will happen throughout the weekend

   Time to warm up and meet others

   Neighborhood meetings

   Learn the value of working together as a community or “neighborhood”. Break into teams to create the neighborhood as part of the service leadership    training.  What does your community look like?

   Break and refreshments

   Service leadership

   Five Key Leader principle

  Open discussion identifying the five Key Leader principles of the program:

      ⇒  Personal Integrity doing the right thing

      ⇒  Personal Growth developing in mind, body and spirit

      ⇒  RespectShowing consideration for self, others and property

      ⇒ Building Community Developing relationships to achieve positive goals

      ⇒  Pursuit of Excellence Expecting and achieving the best


   The excellent Key Leader

   Personal integrity: Personal and organizational values

   Personal growth: Listening

   Lunch and group picture

   Personal growth: Personality styles

   Personal growth: Taking risks

   Free time



   Building community

   Community celebration


   Saturday review

   Pursuit of excellence