The Program 

If you don’t set SMART goals, or think outside of the box, or for that matter challenge yourself to be a better person, will you achieve excellence?  Just think of all the great ideas, technological advances, and even such things as the iPhone or iPad that revolutionized how we do things.  Whether they were developed by one person, or by an entire group of people, in order to make them a reality, it took a lot of work, testing, and even more development after becoming a popular means of communicating. 

To achieve your goals in life, succeed in a career, or just complete daily tasks, you should always aim to be and do your best.  Yes, we all make mistakes along the way.  Hopefully you can learn from those errors and take advantage of these life lessons to have success the next time around.  To be a Key Leader, it takes the other principles of personal integrity, growth, respect, and building community to ultimately set the bar higher.  Of course with one task completed, there is always something else that might need improvement.  So the saying that you “learn something everyday” can go a long way in helping in understand what might be the next big thing.  Or if nothing else, in your pursuit of excellence, have fun along the way and try to make it a memorable and happy achievement.

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