The Program 

I have been a camp administrator for over 40 years and have been through a number of student leadership sessions over the years. I find the Key Leader program is the best I have seen. I like that the lead facilitator is an out of state person that has been highly trained and is a good motivator.  This helps keep them focused on the value of the experience.  It has a defined program content but each leader can get there in their own way. They are very much professionals and not just someone who volunteered out of the crowd.


I have seen students change dramatically from Friday to Sunday morning. Everyone has a role and has a chance to be the one in front of a crowd- hard to do with strangers but so useful as they progress through their schooling.

These sessions are not for the so called school leaders. They are for emerging leaders, graduated from 8th grade and ready to hit the pressure packed high school experience. I very much believe that this training helps students prepare for the next level of their lives.

Supporting Key Leaders since 2005